Updated 7th of December 2014

  • Per-Olov Kindgren PlayBook Now with TABs!
  • Air CD MP3 and complete scores/Tabs available for download
  • Distant Love CD
  • NEW 3rd Oct Complete list of 406 available pieces.
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  • NEW 7th Dec. We Had Our Time
  • NEW 1st Dec. W. Vrecun: Milonga Melancolia
  • NEW 25th Nov. Cold Fingers Gig
  • NEW 18th Nov. Floating (on a Raft)
  • NEW 14th Nov. F. Tarrega: Endecha
  • NEW 14th Nov. M. Carcassi: Study in F Op. 60 No. 16
  • NEW 14th Nov. The Abandoned Doll (La Muneca Abandonada)
  • NEW 9th Nov. Nino Lindo (Venezuelan Chrismas Song)
  • NEW 9th Nov. Twelve Days of Christmas
  • NEW 5th Nov. Waltz for the Music Box Ballerina
  • NEW 1st Nov. I Wrote You a Song
  • CLASSICAL GUITAR FOR SALE Behnam Shirazi (2013)
  • NEW 28th Oct. F. Tarrega: Prelude No. 1 in D-Minor
  • NEW 27th Oct. Angel Falls (Salto Angel)
  • NEW 27th Oct. At Least I Saw You
  • Complete list of over 400 pieces!
          [Updated 3rd October 2014]
  • Prelude-Study (a la Tarrega)
  • F. Tarrega: Pavana
  • F. Tarrega: Sueno (Mazurka)
  • Coffee break in Reykjavik
  • Junto al Lago (Down by the Lake)
  • Alonso Mudarra: Fantasia No. 10
  • Before The Beatles Crossed Abbey Road
  • Latcho Drom (Safe Journey)
  • Complete Scores and Tabs for the Album AIR An exact transcript of the CD/mp3!
  • Coffee break in Dublin

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